Close Up Radio Spotlights Emerging Leader Dexter Morrison of Property of America

Portland, OR – Dexter Morrison is the founder and CEO of Property of America, which specializes in political and social justice messaging merchandise to raise money for Joe Biden’s victorious 2020 presidential campaign.

“When I started this in 2017, my goal was to make a difference in 2020,” says Morrison. "Property of America represents the people of America."

Morrison was a mainstay on the campaign trail, known for his outstanding t-shirts with designs for the moment.

“Candidates are looking for that t-shirt moment,” says Morrison. 

Morrison traveled to South Carolina the night before the primary, which would decide Biden’s chances for securing the nomination.

“I went to South Carolina with a plan to show Joe Biden what I was doing with my merchandise campaign,” recalls Morrison. “I knew I had to get his attention, so I yelled, ‘I traveled 3,000 miles to get a picture with you Joe Biden!”

And Joe Biden turned around.

“I showed him my design: ‘We welcome you Biden, but we miss you Obama,’ and he got a big smile on his face,” recalls Morrison. “He told his aide to get my information. That gave me confidence to know I was on the right track.”

With Biden now sworn into office, Morrison has shifted his focus to improving the lives of black youths through his One Building Project, bringing hope back to the community.

“I raise money through my products to reinvest in my community,” says Morrison. “I want my legacy to be that I always looked out for kids, and not just my kids. My family has lived the American dream, and I want to make sure other kids have that same opportunity.”

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