Do sports complexes make money?
Sports facilities are expensive, but they can be very lucrative if done right. We commonly get questions whether these ventures are profitable, and the answer is always “Yes, but…”.
What are the 4 types of sports facilities?
Sports facilities include gyms, stadiums, federations, and universities. They host activities, tournaments, and training.Nov 22, 2022
 What is the difference between a facility and a complex?
The biggest difference between a multi-purpose complex and a sport-specific facility is in the name. One offers multiple sports, activities, and a variety of programming, while a sport-specific facility will focus on one sport.


A new regional sports facility in Gresham, will boost the local and state economies through the attraction of visitors to our community. A 12-week feasibility study will show the potential growth and would look something like this for the first year; 61 Events-1,700 teams participating in our Civil Rights tournaments, impact to the city 23 million dollars. In addition, it would create new jobs through the construction phase and full-time employment once operational. Ultimately, the State and City will benefit from substantial new revenue streams that could not be realized without the existence of the facility. As our community continues to grow as a sports destination, a new sports facility would allow the region to attract events that we have not been able to host due to lack of facilities. It will provide an exceptional experience for local athletes as well as for athletes and their fans coming from across the country and overseas.

 Sports improve learning and teach accountability, dedication, and leadership, among many other traits. Sports contribute to growing a healthy, vibrant community where everyone can participate!

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