My name is Dexter Morrison CEO/OWNER, of Big D Business Development, my brand name (Property of America). I started my journey of business success and vision back in 2018. It was important for me personally, to be involved with making sure everyone voted in the 2020 election. I needed an identity for my movement to vote and make a difference in 2020,and give American’s a voice!  

Property of America, was created to give American's a voice and became the face of my moment! It took me until 2019 to create a lasting business model for PoA! (Property of America…People of America). The two things that has shaped my Brand and has given me a true cause to fight for is, KIDS!

After watching 2 years of what I thought,  no one was representing the kids dreams and future.

Attending Reverend Al Sharpton, National Action Network Convention in 2019, I found my cause. He had 12 Democratic Presidential Candidates, there speaking. I came away with the feeling, that theses candidates could not win the election in 2020. In order to make a difference in 2020, we needed V.P. Biden to win. People of America, understood that we needed a President who care about America and the people. So, we create a line of merchandise mainly for candidate President-Elect Biden. I had one of the great pleasures of my life, I was able to meet him in South Carolina, and rely a message. I told him, how I could bring money into his campaign with my Merchandise Fundraising Campaign.


George Floyd Murder;

This was the start of our Social Justice moment, “Stand Up for Justice” line of products. Property of America, wanted to be the voice of ground zero, and improve Black and Brown Communities. The goal is to raise money off our merchandise and reinvest back into the community, without the red tape. When you supported PoA, you support improving KIDS lives!


PROPERTY of AMERICA, is committed to improving Black youth lives!  Portions of our sales will be used, to fund our # 1 Building Project! For 2 years, we have committed to not only making a difference in kids lives, but putting a plan on the table, on how we will do this in 2020 and beyond!

We Hope To Gain Your Trust and Support, By Our Actions!

In time of darkness, there's always a light of opportunity!

Let's all Support the Hopes and Dreams, of All Kids

Thank you

Dexter Morrison


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