Big D Business Development LLC Launches Business Plan for Black Communities For 2024


Portland, Oregon Jan 3, 2024 (  - Big D Business Development LLC. Launches Business Plan for Black Communities for 2024  Marquis Who's Who Emerging Business Leader for 2021-2022 Dexter Morrison, Big D Business Development LLC., a leading community-focused organization, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking business plan to revitalize Black communities nationwide. With a vision to rebuild and empower these communities, Big D Business Development LLC. is set to make a lasting impact through strategic initiatives and partnerships.“We plan several initiatives to help rebuild our communities one community at a time," stated Big D Business Development LLC CEO Dexter Morrison."We aim to address Black communities' unique challenges and create sustainable solutions that foster growth, prosperity, and equality. One of the key highlights of the business plan is the establishment of the Civil Rights Sports and Education Arena. This transformative project will serve as the anchor for community development. Big D Business Development LLC. has initiated a Merchandise Fundraising Campaign with their brand "Property of America" to fund this ambitious endeavor, aiming to raise ten percent of the arena's total cost.“We believe that the Civil Rights Sports and Education Arena will be a game-changer for our community," said Mr. Morrison. "By combining the power of sports and education, we aim to create a hub that promotes physical activity and healthy competition and provides educational opportunities for our youth.” Big D Business Development LLC. is collaborating with a co-founder with a proven track record of building Sports Complexes since 2003. This partnership combines extensive experience and expertise in community development, ensuring that the Civil Rights Sports and Education Arena catalyzes positive change. The business plan also highlights the organization's intention to tap into the rapidly growing Sports Tourism industry. While sports tourism has only sometimes been prevalent, recent reports estimate its value at a staggering $587.87 billion in 2022, with an expected growth rate of 17.5% through 2030.“We recognize the immense potential of Sports Tourism as an industry," added Mr. Morrison."By strategically positioning our community and leveraging this growing market, we aim to attract visitors, generate revenue, and create employment opportunities for our residents. Big D Business Development LLC.'s business plan for Black communities in 2024 is a testament to their unwavering commitment to empowerment and upliftment. By combining innovative strategies, community engagement, and a focus on sports and education, they aim to create a sustainable model that can be replicated nationwide. Mr. Morrisson said his Merchandise Fundraising campaign could be your gateway to purposeful shopping and a way to join our mission for the Civil Rights Sports and Education Arena. Please visit ( for more information.   For media inquiries, please get in touch with Dexter Morrison.
CEO, Big D Business Development LLC.    

About Big D Business Development LLC.:
Big D Business Development LLC. is a community-focused organization dedicated to rebuilding and empowering Black communities nationwide. They aim to create sustainable growth, prosperity, and equality through strategic initiatives, partnerships, and innovative solutions. With a strong emphasis on sports and education, Big D Business Development LLC. is committed to making a lasting impact on the lives of individuals and the communities they serve.

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